release date tomorrow and off to pre-orders? –

release date tomorrow and off to pre-orders? –
release date tomorrow and off to pre-orders? –

Let’s go back to talking about Gotham Knights because the page Steam of the game has been activated in the past few hours, and considering tomorrow’s DC FanDome it is possible that Warner Bros. will announce the date of exit game official, opening i accordingly preorder.

Postponed until 2022, Gotham Knights looked pretty much ready when it was first shown, also thanks to a long demo of gameplay, but it took the developers more time to refine the experience ahead of launch.

The launch of the Gotham Knights Steam page, however, seems to confirm that we are now, the work on the game is close to completion and it is therefore possible to formalize a launch date: we will find out tomorrow night if things will go just like that.

“Batman is dead. A new criminal underworld has invaded the streets of Gotham City,” reads the synopsis. “It will now be up to the Batman Family of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin to protect the city, give people hope, discipline the cops and scare the criminals.”

“By solving a series of mysteries that connect to the darkest chapters of Gotham history and defeating some of the most famous villains in epic battles, you must become the new Dark Knight and prevent the city from sinking into chaos.”


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