revealed the Hazard Zone mode, an alternative to battle royale –

revealed the Hazard Zone mode, an alternative to battle royale –
revealed the Hazard Zone mode, an alternative to battle royale –

Battlefield 2042 is revealed completely, at this point, with the presentation of the third mode game remained so far rather mysterious, entitled Hazard Zone and finally the protagonist of a detailed explanation by EA and DICE.

We have already seen what are the other main modes of the three available within the multiplayer of Battlefield 2042: first there was the preview of All-out Warfare, the first mode to be shown and focused on large-scale multiplayer with up to 128 players and vehicles at will.

Then it was the turn of the Portal preview, a particular mode that allows players to take part in different types of battle by recovering themes, game options and gameplay elements from previous chapters of the Battlefield series, thus drawing on tradition to maintain all the set of possible experiences also within the new chapter.

Finally, today we discover the third mode, the protagonist of the new preview on Hazard Zone, as this new game option is called.

Battlefield 2042, a scene from the game

This is more tactical and small-based gameplay teams of 4 players, for up to 24 players on PS4 and Xbox One and 32 players on Xbox Series X | S, PS5 and PC, with a specialist from each for each team, which forces you to balance the forces on the pitch well.

For all intents and purposes it is a kind of answer to the battle royale, however, declined in a rather particular way as a team shooter based on extraction. At launch there will be 7 maps available and 15 tactical upgrades, while the story of the mode centers on the need to recover data drives from satellites shot down on the battlefield.

These data drives connect directly to the Black Market, a particular initiative of Hazard Zone that allows a constant progression of the characters based on the in-game results, since the collection of data drives and the successful extraction are transformed directly into in-game currency with which to purchase upgrades and more .


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