Alfa Romeo Stelvio test, specifications, opinions and dimensions 2.2 Turbo Diesel GT Junior

Tribute to icons

For the suv Alfa Romeo Stelvio Two special editions arrive that stand out for their luxury finishes and body colors, inspired by famous Alphas of the past. These are the Alfa Romeo Stelvio 6C Villa d’Este (read who the news) and GT Junior (read who the news). The latter, protagonist of the test, is distinguished by the bright and eye-catching Lipari Ocher color similar to the launch color of the 1966 GT Junior sports car: it is one of the most popular versions of the coupé derived from the Giulia of the 1960s and powered by the twin-shaft 4-cylinder. 1.3 with 89 HP. A color, then, also used in the 1750 and 2000 GT Am races prepared by Autodelta (the sports department of Alfa Romeo) which, with the Dutch driver Toine Hezemans, won the European Touring Championship in the two-year period 1970/71. Historical references aside, this color underlines the gritty appearance of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and also colors details that are usually black in the other versions, such as the edge of the wheel arches. Too bad that, on this occasion, the two small exhaust pipes were not better integrated into the large circular housings of the bumper.

Only one engine

L’ Alfa Romeo Stelvio GT Junior it is only available with the most powerful of the 2.2 turbodiesel, the 209 hp one, combined with the eight-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. Already on sale for 72,750 euros, this version also comes with leather upholstery as standard for the dashboard, on which GT Junior is embroidered and the silhouette of the famous coupé. The name is also shown on the headrests. The price also includes the 21 “black alloy wheels, the multimedia system with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, the navigator and the wireless charging plate for the phone, in addition to the semi-autonomous driving systems that can allow the car to traveling alone managing the accelerator, steering and brakes (keeping your hands on the steering wheel).

However, some gaps in the budget that are common to all remain Alfa Romeo Stelvio: the headlights are bi-xenon only (full LEDs are not provided) and in the passenger compartment the infotainment system, although valid, has a not particularly large screen (8.8 “), the digital dashboard is missing (it is analog and, in any case, complete) and the soft ambient lights (with the exception of the spots that illuminate the pockets in the doors), such as luminous strips inserted in the dashboard and in the doors, now more and more widespread. It must be said that these are not such indispensable accessories, but in a car of this category it is reasonable to expect them at least as an option. All gaps, we assume, probably filling with the update that should arrive for the second half of 2022.

Plenty of space

The cockpit of theAlfa Romeo Stelvio GT Junior confirms itself as welcoming. The black leather upholstery and the aluminum inserts for the dashboard and doors make it more refined and sporty. Speaking of sportiness, the seats are in the most enveloping version, with more pronounced side bolsters and complete with electrical adjustments (including lumbar): they are comfortable and even in curves faced at high speed they adequately support the body. Practical controls, such as the knobs in the console for air conditioning and secondary services that can be managed from the rotor in the tunnel or directly from the touch screen in the center of the dashboard. Monitor that is customizable and organized in convenient widgets (animated icons that activate individual functions, such as the radio and the navigator). A refinement, then, the long aluminum levers hinged to the steering wheel column for the manual selection of the eight gears. As for the trunk, it is roomy, well finished and equipped with an electrically operated tailgate.

Good fun

In the guideAlfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 Turbo Diesel GT Junior reaffirms the well-known quality in terms of promptness in changes of direction and steering precision (direct, not too heavy but with a rather large turning diameter). In addition, the test car equipped with electronically controlled suspension has a moderate roll (set the Dynamic driving mode, of the three available) and, despite the 255/40 R 21 tires, the Natural mode has been chosen with the knob in the tunnel. guarantee a convincing absorption of the holes.

The 209 horsepower of the 2.2 diesel fueledAlfa Romeo Stelvio GT Junior they have a nice shot from low revs and always push firmly (without being excessively noisy). Given the generous “tires” and traction on the four wheels (with the fineness of the carbon fiber transmission shaft), the grip is always high, even with a “dirty” driving with strong acceleration with steered wheels and sudden changes of trajectory . Powerful brakes and a rather short pedal stroke are also appreciated. The gearbox, a classic automatic with torque converter, is well tuned to the engine, which responds with fluidity and, especially in Dynamic, promptness. As for consumption, the on-board computer indicated about 12 km / l during the test dealt with brio on extra-urban roads and on the motorway.

In our opinion

> Comfort. Although sporty, this SUV effectively absorbs the bumps of the road, it is spacious and not noisy.
> Guide. Agile, safe and fast the car is fun.
> Personalization. The bright color of the bodywork and the fine leather upholstery make the car more sporty and sophisticated.

> Steering diameter. It is quite high, it must be taken into account when maneuvering in confined spaces.
> Endowment. There are no accessories now common even for less expensive cars, such as full LED headlights and the digital dashboard.
> Exhaust terminals. They could be better integrated into the bumper.

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