Red Dead Redemption 2, fan discovers the realistic behavior of fish

Red Dead Redemption 2, fan discovers the realistic behavior of fish
Red Dead Redemption 2, fan discovers the realistic behavior of fish

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers a realistic and immersive experience thanks to the mass of details and secrets that never cease to amaze the most attentive players.

Fans of the Rockstar Games western epic have never stopped trying their hand at rediscovering the title, coming across interesting and realistic details like this secret that allows us to recover from a hangover simply by drinking coffee.

The members of the gang of Dutch Van Der Linde have entered (some more, some less) in the hearts of the players and there is also someone who has set out in search of Josiah Trelawny’s home, finding its exact location within Saint Denis.

The attention dedicated by the developers to the creation of a pulsating and realistic game universe can also be found in the NPCs, able to reserve truly surprising behaviors.

One of the most cared for aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2 is its ecosystem. In fact, the title allows the player to engage in hunting and fishing activities by providing him with a large number of specimens including birds, mammals and aquatic animals.

Exploring the area of Amber, the user of Reddit Caatterpill420 has made an interesting discovery inherent in marine fauna.

Apparently the fish in RDR2 use waterfalls to get around, just like real fish do. However, some don’t make it and land on the ledge. A little detail I wanted to share. from reddeadredemption

As the video shows us, the fish use the waterfalls to move around and some of them, similar to what happens in reality, they end up on land due to the strong water pressure.

This curious detail, if exploited properly, allows the player to collect a lot of fish to cook or simply store it.

Another interesting detail about the marine world can be found in the waters of Saint Denis, contaminated by factories or production facilities.

Some fish are directly affected by the pollution of the industrial area, clearly visible on the scales of the animals once brought to the surface.

The details of Rockstar Games’ open world cover every aspect of the gameplay, starting with the depth of the story and the choices that the game leads us to make. A fan spotted one that you may have missed just a few days ago.

Staying on the subject of surprises, the community has also recently expressed itself on which could be, among many, the most beautiful easter egg.

Surprisingly, too, the discovery that the gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2 was stolen to make the commercial of a mobile title, testifying to the indisputable realism of the latest effort by the creators of GTA.

If you want to give Rockstar Games crime open world a chance, you can take advantage of the offer that Amazon offers you on Red Dead Redemption 2.

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