The shock alarm: “Climate change will favor the spread of the plague in the world”

The shock alarm: “Climate change will favor the spread of the plague in the world”
The shock alarm: “Climate change will favor the spread of the plague in the world”

A cry of alarm has come from Russia in recent days regarding one of the most dangerous consequences of the climate change: the “diffusion of over bubbonica“. One effect of the environmental crisis will in fact be an exceptional spread in the world of the disease which, in the 14th century, killed up to 200 million people, equal to 60% of the European population of the time. The offending infection derives. by a bacterium transmitted by wild rodent fleas and can kill an adult in less than 24 hours if not treated in time.

The alarm on the link between climate change and the spread of the plague was recently raised by Anna Popova, head of the Federal Service for Consumer Protection and Human Wellbeing. The official, the country’s highest health authority, highlighted that the return of the plague to the world is a “risk due to global warming“. The woman then denounced:”We see that the boundaries of plague outbreaks have changed with global warming, climate change and other anthropogenic effects on the environment. We are aware that plague cases around the world are on the rise“. The Moscow public executive therefore clarified that global warming can favor the spread of infections as never before because the warm climates they favor the spread of the bacterium Yersinia pestis, responsible for the disease in humans.

Popova has accordingly urged national governments to take vigorous containment measures towards the advance of fleas that transmit the plague bacillus. Currently, the preventive measures against this disease are different vaccines, whose efficacy and usefulness have not yet been clearly proven by reliable scientific studies at a global level.

The increasing cases of plague cited by the senior Russian official are those ascertained in recent months, simultaneously with the cases of Covid, in Russia, China, Mongolia and the United States. In the first country, in particular, outbreaks of the disease in question have recently been detected for the first time after 60 years. In addition to those three states, cases of plague were also reported by the United Nations in August in African territory.


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