Iliad, five years later: everything is ready for another historic entrance

Fixed network technical tests. Iliad aligned with TIM and Fastweb, official partner of Fibercop, an Italian company operating in the network infrastructure market, with the aim of developing digital services through high-performance fiber optic connections.

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The company, a joint-stock company, operates in line with the co-investment model open to all operators, representing the first case in Europe of national application of EU directives. It provides operators with passive fiber optic access services and advanced services, operating with maximum efficiency and protection of people and the environment.

The fiber optic network of FiberCop it will reach over 16 million real estate units. And here Iliad comes in, which in November would be ready to launch the first fixed network offer, as revealed by La Repubblica.

Iliad respects the times. What does the entry into the world of fixed networks entail

Iliad updates rates (Adobe Stock)

No surprise, however, were it not that the time seems ripe. The Parisian company, founded by the French entrepreneur Xavier Niel which controls it with a 70% stake in the share capital, had already announced a generic launch that was briefly planned “after summer“. The news, if anything, is that it is respecting the times, given the official partnership with Fibercorp.

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Iliad’s entry into the world of fixed telephony opens up a world. What will its impact be? How will the companies react to prevent its growth?

official partnership with Fibercorp.

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The questions it has asked itself remains Republic, according to which a first consequence will be the fall in prices, just as happened when the French managed to break into the mobile phone market, making a lot of noise. So much so. The others will not stand by and watch. TIM has already launched the Gold package, where all football stands out (from DAZN but not only with the exception of Sky), plus free fiber for three months, at 29.99. Gubitosi with Kena e Vodafone with Ho they are ready to respond. Now it’s up to Iliad, the autumn battle between Tlc it’s just the beginning.

The one of Iliad it is an incredible story, one of the most important ascents in history. In 1999, close to its first ten years, the licenses to develop its network and market telecommunication services to the public under the Freel brand the year after the interconnection with France Télécom.

In 2001 the advent of Freebox, its own multimedia terminal. In 2003 the provision of DSL Internet connection services in France. The year after its entry on the Paris stock exchange, in 2008 the acquisition of the Internet provider Alice France from Telecom Italia (for just under one billion euros), the second transalpine provider after Orange.

In 2011 the mobile operator Free Mobile, subsidiary of Iliad. In 2016, the European Commission confirmed Iliad’s entry as the new fourth Italian mobile operator. Five years after the landline. And the story continues.

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