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Sony announced the new PlayStation Plus Series, season of PS Plus eSports tournaments. The first games at the center of the initiative are Rainbow Six Siege e NBA 2K22. Let’s see all the details.

PlayStation Plus Series will be divided into 2 Seasons consisting of 3 tournaments each. Each month there will be a different title and it will start on October 13 with Rainbow Six Siege, while in November there will be room for NBA 2K22. The first Season will run from 13 October to 19 December 2021, while the second will run from 9 January to 20 March 2022.

PlayStation Plus Series poster

By qualifying for the finals you can win press PlayStation: PS Plus subscriptions, PS Network top-ups and DualShock 4 are the main rewards. In addition, for each Cup you will receive a virtual ticket that will increase the chances of winning, at the end of the Season, a PS5 Standard Edition console, as well as great prizes.

The tournaments are organized by PlayStation Italia and ESL Italia and will give life to the PlayStation Plus Series. For to sign up you must be a PS Plus subscriber and go to the official ESL website at this address. For all the details on the regulation, just reach this page.

Speaking of PlayStation, the Call of Duty Vanguard bonuses have been confirmed, here is the period of exclusivity.


Rainbow Siege NBA #2K22 games initiative Nerd4life

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