Game Boy Band Vanquished (Modified) [ VIDEO ]

They had transformed one of the gaming cult of the wonderful 90s into a key to open any type of machine, specifically the Mitsubishi Outlander. Three car thieves were arrested in Yorkshire, in possession of a device similar to the well-known device, manufactured and marketed by Nintendo between 21 April 1989 and 23 March 2003.

Game Boy (Adobe Stock)

a Game Boy used to intercept keyless entry systems. A modified console valued at around 20,000 pounds. An idea that has worked for a long, too, long time Dylan Armer (29 years old, from Leeds), Thomas Poulson e Christopher Bowes arrested by the local police, who finally vanquished the now famous Game Boy band.

The device was found in the hidden compartment of a Ford Galaxy, which the gang was using for his thefts, when they were arrested on July 20. The trio was tracked down shortly after stealing an Outlander from a house in Scholes, Leeds. In a rush to leave, the Mitsubishi bumped into an exhaust pipe and a Nissan Juke parked in the same driveway. One of the men even left a video of one of their thefts on his smartphone, ultimately proof that the cops were happy to discover. The sentence has arrived in recent days.

The Game Boy like a keyless

A carefully thought-out investigation by Leeds police has linked Dylan Armer, Thomas Poulson and Christopher Bowes to the theft of at least five Outlanders. They were accused of “conspiracy to steal motor vehicles ”and convicted earlier this week. Thirty months in prison for Dylan “with a simultaneous term of 18 months for separate burglary matters”, while Poulson and Bowes were sentenced to 22 months in prison, suspended for two years.

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Around May-June there was a huge wave of thefts against Outlander, mainly near Leeds and Wakefield, estimates point to as many as 30 Mitsubishi vehicles stolen. Everything revolves around the keyless.

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The convenience of a keyless entry system has one huge drawback – a shortcut for car thieves. They no longer need to enter your home to steal the remote, break down the door or wire. You can simply boost the remote control signal, making the vehicle believe the key is right next to it.

So did the dynamic trio. The shots, in fact, lasted a few minutes. The gadget recovered by West Yorkshire Police from three thieves was disguised as Nintendo Game Boy: once the object of desire of many, now the nightmare of all Leeds motorists, Mitsubishi Outlander first and foremost.

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