Ferrari Testarossa, the myth relives thanks to Officine Fioravanti – Classiche

Ferrari Testarossa, the myth relives thanks to Officine Fioravanti – Classiche
Ferrari Testarossa, the myth relives thanks to Officine Fioravanti – Classiche

A thin thread unites Switzerland and Italy in the name of Ferrari Testarossa. It was woven by Officine Fioravanti technicians who brought back to life the myth of the Eighties with the Cavallino on the nose, projecting it into the current automotive scene thanks to a restomod that under the skin has reinvigorated the supercar of Maranello and not a little. After the first photos and announcements last May, the Swiss company has unveiled all the features of the new Ferrari Testarossa, starting with the new V12 engine which was raised to 510 hp at 9,000 rpm, compared to the 390 hp of the traditional version. The torque instead stands at 600 Nm allowing this reinterpretation of the great classic to touch 323 km / h.

For the restomod it is based on the Testarossa from 1984, the so-called “single mirror” due to the presence of only one rear-view mirror on the driver’s side front pillar. Another peculiar feature of this version is the single-nut locking of the alloy rims. Officine Fioravanti’s work focused on the engine precisely, with an update to the electronics that now boasts a double mapping but above all a modification to the injection and distribution, as well as a dedicated intake and exhaust system complete by Inconel. All these elements made it possible to reduce the original weight of 130 kg. The braking system has also been completely revised, with Brembo providing a system with six and four piston calipers, a solution that is also possible thanks to the adoption of larger rims, specifically 17 and 18 inches. All combined with 12-position adjustable ABS. The restomod by Officine Fioravanti it is then fitted with Michelin 4S or Pirelli Trofeo R tires. The new Ferrari Testarossa boasts a Front Lift system that allows you to raise the nose by 70 mm so as not to run into problems when dealing with speed bollards.

The interior they have kept the vintage soul, albeit with some modern touches. The plastic parts have been replaced with solid metal elements while the leather parts have been revisited. Also implemented various accessories such as the audio system with Apple CarPlay, in addition to the presence of USB-C sockets. A reference to the past is the presence of the on-board telephone that can be connected with Bluetooth to your smartphone. Officine Fioravanti did not give a specific number of specimens, stating that they will produce as many Ferrari Testarossa as there will be customer orders.



Ferrari Testarossa myth relives Officine Fioravanti Classiche

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