Does a more powerful model make sense? Do we really need it? –

Does a more powerful model make sense? Do we really need it? –
Does a more powerful model make sense? Do we really need it? –

Tomorrow, Friday 8 October, the Nintendo Switch OLED will hit stores. A model welcomed at the announcement with a bit of coldness and mistrust, most likely also due to the numerous rumors concerning an alleged Nintendo Switch Pro, a more powerful version of the console and can even support the 4K resolution with the console connected to the dock, where if we go well to see the hybrid of the big N currently in some cases it struggles to run the games stably in 1080p and 30fps. Rumors, insiders, Sunday market analysts: many were convinced that the time was ripe for a more powerful model. Maybe they were right, maybe not, but the reality is that a revision will arrive in stores tomorrow that goes in a completely different direction, as you can read in our Nintendo Switch OLED review. And with Nintendo Switch that will blow out the fifth candle in March, we (and you) ask: at this point do you really need a Pro model?

We assume that Nintendo it does not need to launch a more powerful model to sell avalanches of Switch, just think that the console in August exceeded 89 million units sold worldwide, after just under four and a half years from launch. And again for the same reason the company may not be in the least interested in targeting that category of particularly pretentious players regarding performance, resolution and jaw-breaking graphics. For years and years Nintendo has been traveling on completely different tracks from those of Sony and Microsoft, with all the positive and negative sides of the thing. On the other hand Mario Kart 8, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon Sword & Shield sell like hotcakes despite everything and even third-party brands such as Monster Hunter manage to place numerous copies.

Furthermore, the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED could be on balance a obstacle for a possible Pro model. With the new model launched just in time for the Christmas period of 2021, we sincerely doubt that another version of the console will arrive within a few months. At the very least, it could be discussed again at the end of 2022, at best. However at that point the console will be over five years old. Would it make sense, for both gamers and Nintendo, a Pro model?

Nintendo Switch OLED will debut in stores tomorrow. Does a Pro model still make sense at this point?

PS4 Pro and Xbox One X arrived respectively three and four years after the launch of PS4 and Xbox One and allowed to extend the life cycle of the consoles, satisfying players who were looking for more performing models (among other things, not so many) . Extending the life of the Nintendo Switch after almost six years from its launch (assuming an end of 2022 or the very first months of 2023 as a period of debut in stores) we find it makes little sense. Too late. Rather at that point it is more legitimate to expect directly Nintendo Switch 2 or whatever the Kyoto giant’s next-gen idea is.

Perhaps, as someone speculates, the pandemic and the semiconductor crisis that is creating headaches for Sony and Microsoft (and consequently also for those who want to buy PS5 and Xbox Series X), could have pushed Nintendo to fall back on Switch OLED rather than a a Pro model, to avoid running into similar problems, postponing everything to better times. Interesting theory, but perhaps a little tight. The design, production and launch of the consoles are long, very long, term plans, and we find it hard to believe that within a year / year and a half Nintendo has canceled or hibernated the “Pro” project and magically pulled out of the hat. the OLED one. And in all this a few days ago the company itself confirmed that it has no plans for a new Switch model, in response to a Bloomberg report that recently rekindled hopes for a Pro model.

And you, instead, what do you think? Is a possible Switch Pro still plausible? And, leaving aside Nintendo’s market logic and strategies, would you be interested in getting your hands on a more powerful model of the console? Let us know in the comments.

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