Tragic accident at Nurburgring, 1 dead and 7 injured – Mondo Auto

Tragic accident at Nurburgring, 1 dead and 7 injured – Mondo Auto
Tragic accident at Nurburgring, 1 dead and 7 injured – Mondo Auto

Tragic accident al Nurburgring on Monday. During a test session of road cars open to the public, several vehicles were involved in a very violent crash, generated by the presence of oil on the track that caused a dozen drivers to lose control. Unfortunately, one of these lost his life, while seven others sustained non-fatal injuries, two of these however quite serious. A tragedy that brings back memories to five years ago, 2016, when always on the Nurburgring track a non-professional driver lost his life in an accident on the track.

Several German media have tried to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident that occurred on Monday: it seems that a Porsche 911 GT3, after having encountered a loss of cooling oil, was forced to park on the track, waiting for the arrival of a tow truck that could retrieve it. But the very oil left on the track by the German sportswoman proved to be lethal: the drivers of several cars lost control due to the slippery asphalt, causing a rear-end collision. The worst consequences happened to a Mazda MX-5, which after hitting the vehicle in front of it witnessed when the fuel tank explodes, which resulted in a large fire that engulfed part of the vehicle chain.

According to a witness reported to the Road & Track microphones, several drivers got out of their cars to retrieve a Fire extinguisher and contribute to extinguishing the flames. The scene painted by the witness is gruesome: an unrecognizable car crushed under a tow truck, which was probably thrown into the air by the explosion. Clearly, after the accident the track was closed and the riders who were still on the track were escorted out safely. The driver who died in the accident used to carry out tests on the Nurburgring track, even if his identity has not yet been declared.

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Tragic accident Nurburgring dead injured Mondo Auto

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