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Car thefts, the “Game Boy gang”, which stole with a modified console, was defeated –
Car thefts, the “Game Boy gang”, which stole with a modified console, was defeated –
from Emiliano Ragoni

They have stolen cars for over 200,000 euros, using a “toy” that is worth 23,000 and is capable of unlocking and starting a vehicle in seconds. But a good game …The ranking of the most stolen cars

A gang of thieves used it a portable device disguised as a Nintendo Game Boy, the popular portable console of the Japanese house, to steal cars
for a total value of 180,000 pounds (211 thousand euros) without arousing suspicion. As reported by the BBC
, the police of West Yorkshire, in Great Britain, have arrested Dylan Armer, Christopher Bowes and Thomas Poulson, who bypassing the security systems with the gadget, have stolen five Mitsubishi Outlander

A 23 thousand euro Game Boy

Police explained that the device, which has a value of over 23 thousand euros, could unlock and start a car “in a matter of seconds”. The arrest came after CCTV cameras caught thieves in action at Scholes, at the time when they pulled the plug of a Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in from the charging station and subsequently, they used the device to unlock it and set it in motion.

Is the keyless system safe?

The agents who arrested the three hackers said they found the device hidden in a secret trunk inside their car. If aesthetically it looks exactly like a Game Boy, it is clearly the internal software that gives value to the object. It is in fact a system that can easily bypass the keyless system. This episode brings back the security problems of these systems that can be bypassed with a receiver, which must be near the key, and a transmitter, which instead must be positioned near the door. With this system the radio signal can then be captured which unlocks the locks as soon as it recognizes the key.

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