Xbox Cloud Gaming is now completely based on Xbox Series X hardware, the upcoming TV app –

Xbox Cloud Gaming completed the transition to the new hardware di Xbox Series X, according to what Microsoft reported to The Verge, being now completely based on the new enhanced blade servers and therefore able to offer a better experience than before, with the company now projected towards the realization of aXbox app for TVs.

The introduction of Xbox Series X as hardware for Xbox Cloud Gaming servers had already taken place in recent months, but so far it was a partial expansion that has now instead come to an end with the complete replacement.

Xbox Cloud Gaming allows you to play anywhere

This should compress load times and cloud usage latency, as well as increase resolution and graphics quality.

For the moment, however, the maximum achievable is still 1080p at 60 fps, with the switch to 4K as a maximum resolution not yet specified but expected for the near future. Beyond this, Microsoft now appears to be firmly focused on developing a TV app that can allow even more immediate access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service directly through the TV.

This app, similar to those already present for Netflix, Prime Video and the like, could be integrated into the TV system software, in order to allow direct access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate video games in an even easier way, using a controller connected directly to the TV or through some sort of stick similar to Chromecast or Fire TV.

Always with this in mind of ease of use and integration, with Microsoft aiming at 1 billion people who can access the service, we have also seen how the Xbox Store now has a new version with built-in Cloud and wish list.


Xbox Cloud Gaming completely based Xbox Series hardware upcoming app Nerd4life

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