AMD leadership is over, Intel is back: Pat Gelsinger bets on Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids

AMD’s leadership “is over”. Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO, does not hide the good feelings on the next CPUs Alder Lake e Sapphire Rapids, intended respectively for the client and server compartments. Interviewed by the CRN site, Gelsinger said that the days when rival AMD can be said to be dominant in the CPU sector are about to end.

AMD has done a good job over the past couple of years. We don’t deny the good job they’ve done, but with Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids it’s over“Intel’s CEO said, pointing out in another part of the interview that”Intel is back. These are the best products in their category “.

After talking about a future full of “Zen moments”, Gelsinger still launches bold statements, but it should not be forgotten that we are entering the month of the Intel Innovation event, an appointment strongly desired by Gelsinger (mindful of the glories of the IDF) for illustrate to the world the news that are boiling in the pot in the secret rooms of the American giant.

What do I tell my teams every day? Make better products that are undisputed leaders. Run, run, run. Improve the experience, the way you support customers. Involve them more “, we read in a passage of the interview.

Overall, it is a supply constrained market. […] I see a period of reasonable stability in terms of market share and prices, because the capacity is limited and neither Intel or AMD, if they can’t do much more, will be motivated to steal a lot of allowances from the other and take action on prices and so on, so we will have a period of relative stability as the products they will improve. ”According to data from Mercury Research for the second quarter of 2021, AMD achieved a market share in the x86 CPU sector of 22.5%, the highest since 2007.

This interlocutory phase, daughter of the productive shortage, serves Gelsinger and his working group, as well as the engineers, to oil a car that had jammed in recent years in all its parts, as a consequence of the serious problems in setting up the most advanced production processes (10 nm).

“Particularly with the Sapphire Rapids generation, key new technologies will be introduced – DDR5, CXL, PCIe Gen 5 – proving that we are returning to the leadership role on the platform front expected from Intel. “

After being caught off guard on PCI Express 4.0, Intel then wants to go back to setting the pace of technological innovations as they have done for decades, and in this sense Gelsinger thinks that if Intel works well it will not only repel the assault from AMD, but will keep Arm at low levels, at least in the server sector.

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When you think of the datacenter sector, Arm’s role is very limited today and if we do well I think it will remain so. I just don’t see people ready to take on that hard work of changing the software ecosystem for another architecture if there are no big benefits (total cost of ownership, TCO), and there aren’t if we do our job well in that respect. “.

On the PC front, Gelsinger said he was very happy with what was presented at Architecture Day and in particular with the hybrid soul of the CPUs Alder Lake, which gives Intel “leadership in performance and energy efficiency. We think it’s a game changer because we will be able to compete on both dimensions, while AMD can’t“.

The length of time people could say ‘Hey, [AMD] has the leadership ‘, it is finished. We returned with a clear vision of what it takes to be a leader in every dimension: product leadership, in packaging, in processes, in software, in new critical workloads such as artificial intelligence, graphics, multimedia and energy performance. This is what we will do with aggressive actions and programs over the next two years, ”Gelsinger emphasized.

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