Ferrari Testarossa, the restomod with 510 HP and mobile phone

Ferrari Testarossa: undoubtedly she is one of the most loved redheads of all time. Perhaps because of its widened tail, the body “squashed” to the ground, perhaps because of that V12 at 180 ° or because it was the protagonist of Miami Vice, one of the iconic TV series of the 80s.

And maybe just thinking about Sonny’s car the men of Fioravanti workshops gave life to the project that brings the Ferrari Testarossa back to life, with a restomod that is faithful to aesthetics and that tweaks the mechanics, increasing power and adding touches that were unthinkable in 1984, the year of presentation of the mid-engined berlinetta from Maranello.

The original

And from ’84 the Officine Fioravanti Testarossa is taken up again, with a single rear-view mirror anchored to the center of the left pillar and single nut rims, now 17 “at the front and 18” at the rear, to be fitted with Michelin 4, 4S or Pirelli Trofeo R tires (optionally).

The style is therefore that of the past and also keeps the retractable lights, once so fashionable and then abandoned for safety reasons. A habit to remain faithful to the lines masterfully traced by Pininfarina and still today, 37 years later, fascinating and sexy. Loyalty, this is the watchword, which also imposed the renunciation of the use of carbon fiber, material that at the time of the Testarossa was not as widespread and used as it is today. And despite this, the overall weight has decreased by 130 kg.

Faster, more effective

The iconic remains at the center of the project 12 cylinders with 180 ° V: a boxer raised to 510 hp (at 9,000 rpm) and 600 Nm of torque, to reach a top speed of 323 km / h. A nice leap forward compared to the already exciting (for the time) 290 km / h of the original Testarossa.

Power at will managed by a control unit with 2 different mappings, anti-roll bars adjustable in 6 positions at the front and 6 at the rear, electronically adjustable Ohlins shock absorbers with the possibility of raising the nose by 70mm, so as not to scratch in case of ramps.

Other innovations are represented by the Brembo braking system, the ABS that can be set in 12 different modes (up to complete shutdown) and the improved flat bottom.

Vintage living room

If the mechanics therefore draws heavily from the 21st century, the typical 80s atmosphere in the cockpit remains, with the addition of a lot of soft leather, and the restomod of the Ferrari Testarossa maintains the classic analog instrumentation Veglia Borletti, physical buttons for windows and climate, the classic gear lever with the clutches in full view and more.

Perhaps motorists with a few spring on their shoulders will shed a tear of nostalgia seeing the mobile phone XXL format anchored on the right side of the tunnel, a “must have” for businessmen of the 80s who returns to the Testarossa with bluetooth connectivity, to connect their smartphone.

Small concession to modernity together with the discreet car radio with Apple CarPlay and 2 USB sockets.

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