Whatsapp: when will it work again?

Whatsapp: when will it work again?
Whatsapp: when will it work again?

All social media owned by Facebook, including Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook itself, including Messenger, ceased to function in the afternoon of October 4, 2021 around 5:40 pm (Italian time).

This is demonstrated by the thousands of reports received on the downdetector.it site, which takes care of monitoring breakdowns and periods of inactivity online in real time.

When will Whatsapp work again?

Whatsapp on its Twitter profile, the only social network not owned by Facebook at the moment in operation, has published an update message for its customers: “We are aware that at the moment some people are having problems with WhatsApp. We are working on getting things back to normal and will be posting an update here as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!”

When will Whatsapp work again at the moment, therefore, it is not yet possible to state this precisely.

Why doesn’t Whatsapp work?

At the moment i server di Facebook – and all the social networks owned by him – they do not respond to searches and calls, as if they were not present on the internet. Sheera Frenkel of the New York Times said she was in contact with some facebook employees who were talking about a very complex situation and who could not even get into their offices to fix the breakdown because even the badges stopped working.



Whatsapp work

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