Men and women, new love for Marco Cartasegna? She is a familiar face

The former tronista of Men and women Marco Cartasegna it has been for a while now Soleil Sorge’s boyfriend, and while she is currently in the house of the Big Brother, he seems to be very close to a familiar face on television.

We are talking about Carmela Generali, model and known to the public for the ‘girl from the South’ of the North and South duo of Forward another, the program led by Paolo Bonolis its Channel 5. In the program, the General is paired with Emily De Nando – who plays the ‘girl from the North’ – and both ask bonus questions to the contestants in the quiz game.

To break the news that between Cartesegna e Carmela could have been born a love was the site VeryInutilPeople, through Instagram Stories in which he reported some reports:

Marco Cartasegna has a mess with Carmela Generali! They see each other every two weeks and sleep together. I am sure of what I write. […] I met him in Mykonos with a girl.

In both stories they are seen Carmela e Marco together smiling and accomplices. There General was born in Pompeii and graduated in Nursing.

In addition to being a model, she participated in Miss Italy, ranking among the top ten ea Miss World, where instead of it is ranked second.

Also, before landing on television, the General she has also been the testimonial of important brands, has made numerous commercials and has also been an umbrella.

Here are some photos of Carmela:

So who knows if it is a simple friendship, or if something more has really been born.


Men women love Marco Cartasegna familiar face

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