minimum requirements and downloads, all the details

minimum requirements and downloads, all the details
minimum requirements and downloads, all the details

Everything is now ready for the launch of Windows 11: the new operating system will make its official debut tomorrow, October 5, 2021, also in the form of free update for those who are in possession of a PC or device with technical specifications capable of satisfying the minimum requirements required. The list of features necessary to perform the switch has been revised over the last few months, let’s see what the definitive one includes and how to perform the switch to the latest evolution of the platform in a totally free way.

Windows 11: requirements and downloads

On several occasions, Microsoft he underlined and reiterated that some stakes have been set in order to guarantee the platform an adequate level of reliability, security and compatibility, thus not risking that the user experience offered may be affected or compromised by dated or potentially vulnerable hardware. Below is the list of system requirements, for further details refer to the pages of the official website.

  • Processor: at least 1 GHz with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System-on-a-Chip (see list of approved CPUs);
  • RAM: at least 4 GB;
  • archiving: at least 64 GB;
  • firmware: UEFI compatible with Secure Boot (see more about configuration);
  • Trusted Platform Module: version 2.0 (see the instructions on how to enable it);
  • Video Card: compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver;
  • screen: high definition (720p) with a diagonal greater than 9 inches, 8-bit per color channel;
  • Internet connection: access to the network and Microsoft account required for the configuration of the Home version.

The quickest way to know if your computer is ready to welcome Windows 11 is with the tool PC Integrity Check, released directly by Microsoft (direct link to download): all you have to do is launch it, press the “Check now” button and wait a few moments. If the message returned is the following, good news, everything is in order for the update.

Otherwise, details about the Technical specifications do not comply with the minimum requirements.

Once you are sure that your device has all the credentials to receive the free upgrade to Windows 11, how to download the new operating system? It will be distributed directly through Windows Update, just like with the packages continuously released by the software house. A tip: do not perform the operation if you are in a hurry to get back to working with your PC, it may take longer than expected.

Most likely, the download and installation of Windows 11 will take longer than a typical Windows 10 feature update. While the Windows 11 download is in progress, you can use your PC. Later, you can schedule the installation at a specific time, such as when you plan not to use your PC.

Even if the minimum requirements check is successful, the upgrade to Windows 11 may not be available right away. In other words, tomorrow (Tuesday 5 October 2021) the phase of rollout, but its completion is expected only by the first part of 2022. It will therefore be one gradual distribution, an option chosen by Microsoft to make sure that everything goes in the right direction, avoiding having to deal with the emergence of problems with too wide a scope.

Finally, remember that the dissatisfied users from Windows 11 they will have 10 days to return to Windows 10.

After installing the Windows 11 update, you can go back to Windows 10 for a period of 10 days, retaining the files and data you transferred. After 10 days, you will need to back up your data and perform a clean installation to get back to Windows 10.

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