debut to forget for eFootball, rain of criticism for the heir of PES

IT IS HIM, BUT NO MORE BEAUTIFUL – The complaints that have made the rounds of social media concern above all the appearance of footballers. The faces of the most recognizable players, such as Messi and Ronaldo, were reproduced in a somewhat coarse way, unleashing the hilarious sprint hunt: between monstrous expressions, sguardi void e slightly deformed faces, let’s say that eFootball’s business card was not the best.

Right now most of the players said they were dissatisfied and on Steam, the main platform for PC where you can download the game, over 11 thousand users have established that, at the moment, it is the worst game in history with a rating of 0.89 / 10. An absolutely negative record, which, of course, it represents the disappointment rather than the actual quality of the game, whose problems, however, go beyond the unsuccessful faces of the players.

NOT THE BEST KICK-OFF FOOTBALL – The real problem with eFootball 2022 is that the game arrived on the market evidently still incomplete. The available version, in fact, has only one game mode (i.e. friendlies, offline and online) in an ecosystem that will only enrich over time, with updates (not always free) scheduled monthly, but it is what happens on the pitch that is not convincing.

Instead of starting from last year’s base, Konami has chosen to rebuild the game with a new graphics engine, but unfortunately the results are still not satisfactory. The movements of the players are often unnatural and imprecise, the contrasts are sometimes not very credible, the physics of the ball is too heavy and there is the constant feeling that the athletes in the field are skating on invisible tracks.

It must be said that Konami has readily recognized that the game that has arrived on the market has ample room for improvement and that with the first content update scheduled for autumn (where there will also be new modes and new teams in a package sold for 40 euros) gameplay changes will also be implemented. At the moment, however, eFootball has been found decidedly offside.

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