Is Fortnite Dying? The latest data on the battle royale speak for themselves

Four years after its birth, there are those who think that Fortnite is close to its “death”. Is it really so? Here are the latest numbers

Fortnite numbers speak for themselves. Is the battle royale dying? (YouTube screenshot)

For a few weeks now, Epic Games released season 8 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite. Lots of innovations introduced, which will be accompanied by many other surprises coming in the coming weeks. Although the game continues to be discussed, there are those who think that the battle royale is close to his “death”.

Certainly compared to four years ago, its popularity has gone by and by decreasing. But can we really speak of a near end? Fortunately, to get a more or less accurate answer the numbers to lend a hand.

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Fortnite, the numbers of the battle royale in the last period

Not at the moment, on the contrary. Data proves Epic Games’ battle royale right (YouTube screenshot)

Epic Games has managed to bring more than 10 million simultaneous players in Fortnite a couple of times. When? During the latest live events, including the Galactus in season 4 and the concert of Travis Scott in season 2. While season 3 of the first chapter is generally considered the pinnacle of Fortnite, the truth is that the videogame it is nowhere near death. While not as popular as it was in the beginning, the gaming community is actually still very active.

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According to PlayerCounter reports, the battle royale still manages to carry three to eight million simultaneous players. Very important numbers, considering that the competitors Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone have never managed to exceed two million simultaneous players. We’ll see if it will come up in the future another tough competitor, but for now, Fortnite fans can sleep peacefully.


Fortnite Dying latest data battle royale speak

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