Vodafone Infinito Special Edition: unlimited minutes, SMS and Giga 5G from 10 euros per month – MondoMobileWeb.it | Telephony | Offers

Vodafone Infinito Special Edition: unlimited minutes, SMS and Giga 5G from 10 euros per month – MondoMobileWeb.it | Telephony | Offers
Vodafone Infinito Special Edition: unlimited minutes, SMS and Giga 5G from 10 euros per month – MondoMobileWeb.it | Telephony | Offers

Some already Vodafone customers, who have both a landline and a mobile line, can change your offer mobile by subscribing to the Infinito Special Edition, which provides unlimited everything with personalized prices from 10 euros per month. In addition, with Family Plan, the unlimited Giga in 5G can be used at maximum speed without the base limit.

It is therefore one of the promos for existing Vodafone customers that change offer by activating one of those with personalized prices with unlimited minutes, SMS and 5G Giga from the Infinito Special Edition range.

For several months, after the introduction of the new Family Plan convergence mechanism, Vodafone proposes the offer to some of its existing fixed and mobile customers Infinito Special Edition, the basic version with unlimited everything but with data traffic with a speed limited to 2 Mbps (which was no longer proposed for the change of offer of already mobile customers).

The same standard version, Vodafone Infinito, is no longer available from 26 September 2021, while now the basic version of the Infinito range (formerly Infinito Gold) has a speed limit of 10 Mbps.

What Vodafone Infinito Special Edition predicts from today

To align with the standard portfolio, from today, 1st October 2021, the already Vodafone customers who activate Infinito Special Edition they will get basic one maximum speed of 10 Mbps.

So, Infinito Special Edition understands now unlimited minutes to all national numbers, Unlimited SMS towards all and Unlimited gigabytes of data traffic with authorization to 5G but with maximum speed of 10 Mbps, in addition 100 minutes of calls to European Union countries.

Currently, this offer can be offered to already selected Vodafone customers (in this case those who have both a fixed line and a mobile line) with personalized monthly prices equal to 10 euros, 11 euros, 12 euros, 13 euros, 14 euros.

To subscribe to the offer, the activation fee of 1 euro to be paid together with the first month in advance of the Infinito Special Edition.

Infinito Special Edition does not include the free trial month with Vodafone Open, as is the case for the other two offers in the Infinito Special range, namely the Gold and the Black.

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Unlimited Giga 5G at maximum speed with Family Plan

To existing customers who subscribe to the Infinito Special Edition, given that in this case they have both the fixed network and the mobile network active, it will be proposed to activate the Family Plan convergence mechanism, with which the monthly cost of the mobile offer will be charged to the landline bill.

In this way, i Unlimited gigabytes of 5G data traffic that have a basic limit of 10 Mbps will be usable at maximum speed available. If the Family Plan is not requested, the limit of 10 Mbps will remain.

With Family Plan there is also Trust Giga Family, which deducts the Secretariat, Call me and Recall and 414, and deactivates the Sunday and Exclusive options.

By activating Family Plan, the Vodafone customer can then add up to 5 other SIMs to the convergence, which they always get Unlimited Giga 5G or other benefits.

The first mobile line with which the family is created provides that this has the same owner of the fixed network (with the same tax code), while the additional SIMs can be registered in the name of other people.

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