Gaming beds and mattresses arrive from Japan, finally –

Gaming beds and mattresses arrive from Japan, finally –
Gaming beds and mattresses arrive from Japan, finally –

Gamer beds and mattresses in fact, they were missing, and they were somewhat unwarranted absences in the midst of desks, chairs, armchairs, poufs, sofas and a whole long series offurniture for gamers, therefore we welcome with joy this new invention, obviously coming from Japan.

The Gaming Mattress it is rightly the gaming mattress: the product was presented on the pages of Famitsu and should offer an ideal support for sleeping after a hard day of play, but not only. It seems to have also been designed to offer a comfortable place for those who want to play directly from the bed.

The Gaming Mattress, Bauhutte gaming mattress

To tell the truth it is not very clear how it differs from a normal mattress (made with a certain criterion) but it is certainly a quality product, considering that the line Bauhutte it derives from the Japanese Nishikawa, which apparently has a 455-year tradition, although we imagine that in 1566 it was somewhat different, in terms of production and business.

It seems to be built on a latex plate, shaped in such a way as to offer different support zones. Rightly, many on Japanese social networks have wondered what this mattress has specifically studied for gaming and the answer is not easy to find.

Probably, the idea is to market it together with the real ones gaming beds that Bauhutte already launched on the market last year, thus completing the perfect lazy gamer set-up.

The Bauhutte gaming bed complex, for real gamers

As seen above, the Bauhutte bed is built with a series of accessories arranged on the sides, so as to allow you to have everything at hand without having to put a foot out of the bed and the new mattress should be the indispensable complement to this set.

Furthermore, we recall that Ikea has also launched its line of gaming chairs and desks, which should be available in Italy starting from October 2021.

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