Sky all complete, could soon launch its smart TVs

Sky all complete, could soon launch its smart TVs
Sky all complete, could soon launch its smart TVs

Still nothing official, for now we are only talking about rumors, but it is possible that Sky will soon launch its personal smart TV series. The news, or rather the still unconfirmed anticipation, was given by the Financial Times, and new rumors about this possibility have also arrived from the United States.

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The range of smart TVs would be, again according to rumors, an upcoming line created by Comcast, the company that three years ago acquired Sky, beating Fox on time and figures, and that through its page XFinity (the division that deals with television services and various connections) would have made public some “almost” confirmed information.

It would be an epochal turning point for Sky, which in addition to the transmission of television content, would also have at its disposal a series of televisions specifically created to make the best of the transmission of its content, both on a television level and as regards digital content.

Hisense could collaborate with Sky to make its TVs

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According to rumors that circulate in the States and also in Europe, the company Hisense it would be involved in Sky’s project for the construction of Comcast televisions dedicated to Sky broadcasts. The series of devices should be called XClass Tv and may include 43-inch and 50-inch models.

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The operating system used by these devices would be X1, in turn already used on the top boxes of Xfinity: the XClass they would not be ordinary televisions, more so-called aggregators of content from applications, titles on demand, and from live channels. From these aggregators you can also watch content from apps such as Disney+, Peacock, YouTube, Netflix e Hulu.

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These are the news, already practically official, concerning the US market. While with regard to the European market and Sky, according to the Financial Times the announcement of the release of Sky’s smart TVs could arrive as early as October.

Also according to the experts who have analyzed the sources and the reported news, this announcement could be a sign that Comcast is adapting to the continuous changes in the market, which in recent years have seen the proliferation of a very long series of content and streaming channels, which they have radically changed both the approach on the part of broadcasters and all the professionals in the sector and on the part of users.

Since moving among all these innovations could be a bit complicated for those who are not particularly used to so much technology, certainly with a pseudo-television set specifically dedicated to a hybrid technology of this kind, it can certainly only benefit the market and to the system.

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