50% discount on PS4 and PS5, with this code – Nerd4.life

50% discount on PS4 and PS5, with this code – Nerd4.life
50% discount on PS4 and PS5, with this code – Nerd4.life

Sackboy A great adventure is currently available for purchase at a price discounted (-50%) on PS4 and PS5 through this code: F2GH2LJ4BM. It must be used directly on the PS Store.

To activate the discount of 50%, shared by the YouTube channel EZScape in collaboration with PlayStation, you must add Sackboy A great adventure to the cart and, before proceeding with the purchase, enter the code indicated above. The discount will automatically apply and you will see the final price, around € 35 (Standard Edition). You can find the product page on the PS Store at this address.

Sackboy A great adventure, a game setting

Sackboy A great adventure is both single player and cooperative multiplayer game. Up to four players can be played online (PS Plus membership required, sold separately). The game is cross-buy, so you will get both the PS4 version and the PS5 version with just one purchase.

Sackboy A Great Adventure is a platform game, based on the mascot created by MediaMolecule in LittleBigPlanet. Sackboy A Great Adventure was developed by Sumo Digital, also authors of LittleBigPlanet 3.

In our review we explained to you that “Sackboy: A Big Adventure does not intend to change the world of platforming but takes all the more classic features. The many levels propose many different ideas with a very good realization, with some interesting peaks towards each other such as in the case of musical schemes. There is a lot to play alone between levels to unlock, aesthetic elements to collect and timed challenges to complete. And then there are the cooperative parts that allow you to have fun in more than one, offline but also online, giving players something that otherwise would not have been in the PS5 launch line-up. Not incredibly ambitious but fun and long-lived, as well as technically well crafted. Perfect to be played in company by the whole family. “


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