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Steam, free game as a gift (and it’s a horror)

Steam, free game as a gift (and it’s a horror)
Steam, free game as a gift (and it’s a horror)

Still free games for all PC users with an account Steam: by now it is indeed getting a new game completely for free and at no additional cost.

Lovers of gaming with mouse and keyboard can in fact now put their hand to a second title that will certainly delight fans of the horror genre.

Just a few hours ago we reported a first free game available from now but for an absolutely limited period of time.

Not to mention that the mid-week follies dedicated to the franchise continue to be available Call of Duty.

Now, the developer BitGolem – quite unexpectedly – has released it for free Dagon: by H. P. Lovecraft, a horror inspired by the tales of the famous gothic novelist.

Dagon is a descent into madness, a 3D narrative experience inspired by the famous tale of the same name written by the master of cosmic horror and supernatural fiction himself, HP Lovecraft.

It is an interactive portal that will lead you into the world of his controversial genius and his much acclaimed Miti di Cthulhu, a world suitable for both beginners and long-time enthusiasts.

Face unspeakable horrors. You succumb to madness. Welcome to a free, demonic narrative experience inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft.

Step into the shoes of an ex-naval officer addicted to morphine and immerse yourself in the depths of the Styx that haunt the mind of an addict.

Discover unspeakable and long-forgotten horrors on a remote, hellish island and bask in Lovecraftian terror.

We also remember that promotions related to weekend deals continue to be valid: among these there is also the beloved Xbox exclusive Forza Horizon 4.

But not only that: the American entertainment giant Nexflix has decided to throw away Steam a very interesting new game.

Also Netflix has developed and published the video game in VR on the Oculus Store Eden Unearthed, taken from the anime series of the same name.

If you want to take advantage of all the upcoming games, you can now buy Xbox Series S at a reduced price on Amazon.


Steam free game gift horror

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