Galaxy Z Flip 3 may have killed Galaxy S21 FE

Galaxy Z Flip 3 may have killed Galaxy S21 FE
Galaxy Z Flip 3 may have killed Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung would have canceled the launch of Galaxy S21 FE, scheduled for October, complete with a dedicated unpacked event. This was reported by a well-known Korean source, quoting a company executive: “we canceled the unpacked of Galaxy S21FE, which was scheduled for mid-October, and we are generally reconsidering the launch of the smartphone“. But why so much uncertainty?

The reason could lie in the success of another smartphone from the company, a more iconic one of the Fan Edition series: Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Flip 3 is in fact selling very good, probably thanks to the lowest price in the past and its form factor practically unique on the market. The problem is that production is unable to keep up with demand, also due to the chip crisis, which shows no sign of abating.

Since the Z Flip 3 and S21 FE share the same SoC, the Snapdragon 888, Samsung would still have decided to prioritize the former rather than launch something new, and from the company’s point of view we understand this choice very well, even if we are not as convinced that potential buyers of the S21 FE will see it in the same way.

Samsung has obviously not confirmed this last part of the report, but the logic behind it is undeniable, and if there really won’t be any unpacked in a couple of weeks or so, we will continue to hold it as the most likely explanation.

Too bad that in this way the road of S21 FE would become more uphill than ever, seriously mining the chance to ever see it on the market.


Galaxy Flip killed Galaxy S21

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