Free PC games, Steam gives you a Lovecraftian horror

Free PC games, Steam gives you a Lovecraftian horror
Free PC games, Steam gives you a Lovecraftian horror

It is now a habit for many PC players, not always in fact those who play mainly on consoles are used to this type of “gifts”. On the other hand, you know, it is one thing to pay a monthly subscription and receive titles every month, another thing is to receive free games. without paying anything. Obviously, in this Epic Games it now seems almost unbeatable and every week it releases a new title to download in complete tranquility.

Since this new craze began, the other digital stores have also tried to keep up and in fact Steam today comes to the rescue and allows us to download a brand new title for free that will surely appeal to many of you. The horror titles in fact from this period they are finding a new light and for this very reason some developers take advantage of it to show off their creative flair and in some way also get noticed by releasing some of their works for free.

In fact, this is the case with Dagon, a completely set horror title in the world created by HP Lovecraft. Obviously the title does not have a very long duration being completely free of charge, and it looks more like an interactive experience. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about the story, it is also possible to buy dlc for just over € 3, a much more than reasonable price if you appreciate this type of games.

Here is a small description of the game: “Dagon is a descent into madness, a 3D narrative experience inspired by the famous tale of the same name written by the master of cosmic horror and supernatural fiction himself, H. P. Lovecraft. It is an interactive portal that will lead you into the world of his controversial genius and his much acclaimed Miti di Cthulhu, a world suitable for both beginners and long-time enthusiasts. ” Do you want to have other free games for your PC? Take a look here!

If you want to buy something different instead, why not take a look here!


Free games Steam Lovecraftian horror

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