Battlefield 2042, the dates of the beta revealed by a Chinese site? –

Battlefield 2042 will be the protagonist of a beta and it seems that the Chinese site Bilibili has revealed the date tests: according to the promotional image popped up online, which you can see below, the beta will take place from 6 to 9 October.

Battlefield 2042, the alleged leak of the beta dates

These are dates compatible with Tom Henderson’s latest leak about the Battlefield 2042 beta, so let’s talk about a rumor that is becoming increasingly thick pending an announcement official.

Postponed until November 19, Battlefield 2042 aims to deliver the experience multiplayer definitive for the famous shooter series produced by Electronic Arts.

Thanks to the latest version of the powerful graphics engine Frostbite, the game will in fact be able to catapult us into scenarios never so wide and detailed, but at the same time endowed with an unprecedented degree of destructibility and with extremely variable weather.

Among the novelties of Battlefield 2042, in fact, natural disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes stand out, which will upset the action and rewrite the rules of the battle from time to time to offer us a gameplay ever so unpredictable.


Battlefield dates beta revealed Chinese site Multiplayerit

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