the latest update has made emulation easier –

the latest update has made emulation easier –
the latest update has made emulation easier –

The last one system update from Xbox Series X|S made it much easieremulation of the old gaming systems, because the new version of the Edge browser allows to overcome the problem of having to access the console in developer mode (which costs about 20 € to be unlocked) to run the emulators.

Emulation has always been possible on the Xbox Series X | S, since day one, so much so that many have praised this feature of Microsoft’s new consoles, which are more open than their competitors. Of course, to succeed you still needed to know how to tinker with the system, something not within everyone’s reach. Now just go up Edge and log into one of the many Javascript-based emulation sites and that’s it, as explained in the Modern Vintage Gamer video below.

The systems emulated by browsers are innumerable. Among the best known we mention Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Super NES, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, MS DOS and Amiga, but looking for others. In reality, using a browser like Edge it is possible to access many other video games, such as the fan-made ports in Javascript of titles such as Quake 3 and Super Mario 64. In short, with a little study the new Xboxes can give access to a quantity really huge of different play experiences.

However, be careful, because the Xbox browser blocks access to files. Of course there is a way to get over the problem, but it’s not exactly spotless, so let’s avoid reporting it. We are for the legal emulation, the one made of ROMs of the games you own (there is a lot of free stuff around, just search).

Of course, the emulators developed specifically forhardware of Xbox remain better in terms of performance, especially for running newer system titles like PS2, GameCube, Nintendo Wii and Dreamcast.


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