Switch-off tv 20 October: which Rai and Mediaset channels are switching to the new standard

Switch-off tv 20 October: which Rai and Mediaset channels are switching to the new standard
Switch-off tv 20 October: which Rai and Mediaset channels are switching to the new standard

The date of Wednesday 20 October, the day in which a series of channels will migrate to the new Dbv-T2 digital terrestrial system, with the transition from Mpeg2 encoding to the more refined Mpeg4, effectively leading the way in a transition that will involve all Italian television, which is expected to end on January 1, 2023.

Rai and Mediaset – the only networks that have unveiled their plans for 20 October – have decided on a “staggered” entry of their channels into the new universe, a possibility guaranteed by the ministerial directives on the subject.

  1. Channels in Mpeg4 from 20 October
  2. Channels that remain in Mpeg2
  3. Who will not see the channels in Mpeg4
  4. Test on the TV set

The first to use the new standard will be above all thematic channels; both as regards state TV and for the Biscione group. The Rai channels that will broadcast in Mpeg4 from Wednesday 20 October will be Rai 4, Rai 5, Rai Movie, Rai YoYo, Rai Sport + HD, Rai Storia, Rai Gulp, Rai Premium and Rai Scuola.

The Mediaset channels that will broadcast in Mpeg4 will be TgCom 24, Mediaset Italia 2, Boing Plus, Radio 105, R101 Tv and Virgin Radio Tv.

For some channels, in principle those with the most generalist content, nothing will change, at least for the moment. This means that even viewers who do not yet have a device suitable for the new digital system can continue to watch them. Beware, however, this is a temporary phase. These channels too, at a later time, will reach the others on the Mpeg4 “platform”. As for the state TV, they will continue to broadcast in Mpeg2 Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3 and Rainews25.

On the Mediaset front, they will remain with the old standard for now also from 20 October Channel 5, Italy 1 and Network 4.

In the homes of Italians there are still hundreds of thousands of televisions that do not “hold” the new Mpeg4 system. They are, in particular, those purchased before 2010. Those in possession of these devices will not be able to see the programs broadcast on the channels that switch to the new coding.

To check if your device needs to be replaced, as long as you want to continue viewing the programs offered on the new “platform”, you can follow two paths. You can check on the manual of your model (if you have lost it you should be able to retrieve an online version on internal) if the device supports Mpeg4 encoding, you can tune in to channels that are already broadcasting in HD (usually those from number 501 up) and check if you see well, if so you will not have problems even with those who will switch to the new system from 20 October.

It is not needed, instead, for the moment, perform a test on channels 100 and 200, to ascertain whether or not you see one screen with blue background and the writing “Test HEVC Main 10”, given that in this first phase it will still be possible to see the channels that pass to the new system.

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