the evolution of Aloy explained by Guerrilla Games –

the evolution of Aloy explained by Guerrilla Games –
the evolution of Aloy explained by Guerrilla Games –

Horizon Forbidden West returns the protagonist of a new post on the official PlayStation blog, with Bo de Vries of Guerrilla Games to explain, in particular, theevolution of Aloy in the series for PS5 and PS4.

The story of Aloy is marked by losses and affections and develops throughout the adventure of the first chapter, Horizon Zero Dawn, then finding further sequel in the new Horizon Forbidden West: it is an exciting evolution because it transforms a humble ” marginalized“in the” most important person ever “, explains the community manager of Guerrilla, moreover with some spoilers related to the story of the first chapter, of which we warn here.

“In addition to distinguishing herself as the best machine hunter in her lands, she discovers that she is the key to shedding light on Earth’s past and saving the future of the planet. During the journey she surrounds herself with precious allies such as Varl, a good-hearted Nora hunter. who lost his sister in the Trial, Erend, a strong but sensitive member of the Oseram Vanguard and the Sun King Avad of the Carja, an enlightened ruler who seeks to save his people from the shame of a bloody past. “

After the first chapter, however, immediately a new threat appears to be thwarted, with the arrival of the red sore that afflicts the world.

During the six months that separate the two games, explains de Vries, Aloy has always remained active and has been looking for a way to stop this infection, the struggle of which is then explained more fully in the course of Horizon Forbidden West. .

To find out more about the events that bridge the gap between the first and second chapter, the comic series The Sunhawk published by Titan Comics illustrates some of these background, with Aloy having to move quickly and give up a lot of her gear to go to new locations.

“Born and raised as an outcast, Aloy has a unique perspective on the world,” explains Ben. “She feels very close to the people who suffer and is equally determined to punish the oppressors. Although she has found many friends during her adventures, she continues to feel a ‘stranger and he knows that, after all, he has no real home. These aspects of his will be explored even more in depth after he crosses the mysterious frontier of the Forbidden West. “

To a greater evolution from the character point of view, which sees Aloy becoming more and more aware of her abilities, there is also an evolution in the capacity of combat and exploration, which are reflected in the possibility of using new tools such as the grappling hook and alascudo, which also have an important influence on the gameplay.

Following the protests of users, who asked Sony to change its policies, we have seen how Sony has backtracked by deciding to offer the upgrade to PS5 for free from the PS4 version, but it is a particular solution because for the next PlayStation Studios first party games, the transition to the PS5 version will still be paid.

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