New World will be a “great success” for the vice president of Amazon Games –

New World will be a “great success” for the vice president of Amazon Games –
New World will be a “great success” for the vice president of Amazon Games –

The vice president of Amazon Games, Christoph Harmann, in a recent interview spoke about the study’s expectations for New World, which he believes will get a great success, and how despite numerous postponements and uncertainties, the game received full support from Amazon.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Hartmann explains that Amazon despite the flop of some projects will not abandon its gaming division, indeed the efforts in this direction will increase as soon as New World proves to be a “great success”.

I think New World is something unexpected for a lot of people because I think they just assumed it would never really come out. I see a lot of enthusiasm for the company’s games, a lot of support, and it’s increasing over time rather than decreasing“, afferma Hartmann.

I haven’t seen any signs that Amazon is getting fed up with its gaming division, I just see a lot of support. And when we have great success, and I believe New World will be, we will get even more support from the company.

New World, the assault on a fortress

During the interview Hartmann explains that Amazon Games has treasured the experience made with i flop of Breakaway and, above all, of Crucible. For this reason the developers have decided to postpone New World several times to package a high quality product rather than an incomplete and imperfect one.

Publish only when you are ready. For me this is something we should have considered in the past. You don’t rush into a territory where there are already clear market leaders. We launched Crucible at a time when PUBG and Fortnite were huge hits. It’s like trying to beat Call of Duty at its peak or trying to make another GTA. This is why we have postponed New World so many times, we wanted to make sure we do things right this time around. We have the advantage of not being held hostage for fiscal quarters and years unlike other developers. We need to build a business, but we know that sometimes a month or two can make all the difference to a game. That’s what really matters because we’re making a multiplayer game that has to stay in the market for ten years, so rushing things doesn’t really make sense.

New World will be available for PC starting tomorrow, Tuesday September 28. Amazon Games recently unveiled the massive list of servers that will be available at the game’s launch.


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