New World: Amazon commends itself on the potential of the game

New World: Amazon commends itself on the potential of the game
New World: Amazon commends itself on the potential of the game

After a not so rosy period, studded with postponements and several problems, New World is finally preparing to debut on Steam. The Amazon MMO had a decidedly slow start, also thanks to the pitfall of the Zotac RTX 3090 video cards destroyed after starting the title but now everything seems to be ready for a launch like other Triple A.

The adventure of Amazon in the world of video games however, it is certainly not studded with successes. And it is perhaps for this reason that within Jeff Bezos’ former company it was decided to push New World even more, as evidenced by some phrases that emerged from the executives who have the project at hand. Such as those of Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games, who during an interview with GamesIndustry praised not only the title, but also decided to show all the strength of the tertiary sector giant, with statements that do not leave space for interpretation.

In fact, according to Hartmann’s words, New World is not only a good game, but it will show everyone what Amazon is capable of doing within this industry. “When we release a big hit (and I think New World will be) we will get even more support, because we have shown who we are. And I think all of this will show what Amazon Games is capable of “, Hartmann’s words stated during the interview.

Despite this optimism, Hartmann also realized the problems New World had had. “We have postponed the game to make sure we can launch it in a great state. We have the advantage of not being hostage to fiscal quarters, like traditional development studios. So we did the right thing for the player, that is not to rush and launch the title in whatever state it is “.

New World will debut exclusively on PC starting September 28, 2021. The game will already be downloadable starting tomorrow, while the servers will open around 8:00 of day one. Copies are on sale, needless to say, right on Amazon.

New World can be pre-ordered (redeemed via Steam) right on Amazon!


World Amazon commends potential game

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