How to take advantage of your old iPhone?

How to take advantage of your old iPhone?
How to take advantage of your old iPhone?

Have you already bought an iPhone 13 or are you planning to do so in the next few weeks? If you are not planning to sell your previous iPhone, perhaps because it is a little old and therefore of little value, here are some possible uses.

Surveillance camera

Unfortunately it is not possible to use an iPhone like security camera without third party apps. Presence is one of the best alternatives, among other things with the possibility of testing its functions for free, while the subscription costs € 49.99 per year. Since this app requires iOS 8, there are no problems with older iPhones.

Obviously, mount the iPhone in a place in the house near a socket, as it must always remain connected to the power supply if you want to use it as a surveillance camera.

Another cool app is Baby Monitor 3G, which requires iOS 9.

A small TV

Sure, an iPad would be better for this purpose, but an old iPhone can also be useful for letting the little ones watch content on Netflix, Apple TV + or Disney +.

Music player

Connected to headphones or a Bluetooth or AUX speaker system, your old iPhone can still give you emotions as a music player to listen to your favorite songs on Spotify, Apple Music or any other source.


If you don’t have an iPad and leave your new iPhone charging on the bedside table, you can use the old device to read a book before going to sleep. Whether it’s on Amazon’s Kindle app or Apple’s Books, you’ll have millions of titles at your disposal.

Desk clock

With apps like Studio Clock GX2021, which requires iOS 14.0, you can turn your iPhone into a digital clock to keep on your desk or bedside table. Obviously, always connected to the power supply.

Controller HomeKit

If you have HomeKit accessories or home automation devices compatible with iOS at home, you can leave your iPhone at home, between the sofa in the living room or the table in the kitchen, as a “remote control” accessible to all family members to open the shutters, turn off the lights or manage other compatible accessories.

And you, do you have any suggestions?


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