Bad news for Fortnite, it will be blacklisted for 5 years

Bad news for Fortnite, it will be blacklisted for 5 years
Bad news for Fortnite, it will be blacklisted for 5 years

Definitely unfortunate news for all Fortnite fans. A 5-year blacklist for Epic Games’ Battle Royale

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It all started in August of last year, the period in which one started clash between two very important companies. We are talking about Epic Games and the lawsuit filed against Apple. The consequences, however, were very difficult to accept. He is the same CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeny, to confess via a Twitter post that Apple denied the request to restore the Epic Games account within the App Store. But not so good news arrives for Fortnite.

What follows is a move away from Apple of the Battle Royale for a period that can reach 5 years. According to Sweeny, Fortnite will remain blacklisted until “To the exhaustion of all appeals in court”. As we all know, the timeframe for any lawsuit brought to court can extend up to many years after their inception.

The sad news for the fate of Fortnite

fortnite bad news for his fate (source twitter)

This all happened even after Epic Games had agreed to “Play by the same rules as everyone else”, so as to give Fortnite the possibility of regain its place in the App Store. The community was convinced that everything would be resolved, right at the end of the Epic trial against Apple. But apparently this is not the case, as Epic does not seem to be willing to accept no for an answer to return from the Apple.

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On Twitter you can read one quite important statement by Sweeney, in which he explains that this is unfair competition and a way to ensure that the number of users can never increase. Although Apple has confirmed the content of the email sent and that Tim Sweeney wanted to share on Twitter is true, he did not want to comment in any way about it. At least for now.


Bad news Fortnite blacklisted years

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