Tickets and costs of the new out-of-the-ordinary tourism: space tourism

Tickets and costs of the new out-of-the-ordinary tourism: space tourism
Tickets and costs of the new out-of-the-ordinary tourism: space tourism

The phenomenon of space travel aimed at civilians is becoming more and more frequent and now we can also better understand what are the costs to be incurred for a of orbit

A breathtaking view that the components of the various space missions will be able to see, which are beginning to become more and more

2021 was undoubtedly a particularly lively year when it comes to interest in space missions for civilians. Thanks also to the bold investments of the billionaires at Elon Mask or the Japanese Yusaku Maezawa.

During the periods of activity of the space agencies it was not an anomalous event to send civilians into space, sometimes for scientific or other reasons for disclosure to the press, as in the case of the journalist Toyohiro Akiyama, sent aboard the MIR, with a substantial funding for his company TBS.

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However, there has never been talk of a real space tourism as we know it today. To direct the steering wheel of this particular travel market has several protagonists, from the pioneer Space Adventure, active in the sector since 2001, or Axiom Space.

But to better understand if, not too far, this type of destination is accessible to everyone, we need to unravel the costs of the various experiences gained so far.

How much does it cost us to go to space

The launches to the stars will be frequent, and on board the modules we will find more civilians than astronauts –

Below the Karman line it is possible to obtain some rough figures through the experience gained by two companies. We can start from the list proposed by Virgin Galactic by Richard Branson, currently on the ground due to flight irregularities and commissioned by the US control bodies. If we want we can buy for only $ 450,000 a ride aboard the flagship VSS Unity. To stay on this figure we can also consider the options proposed by Blue Origin.

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The situation to be considered for orbital travel is different, where instead the prices soar exponentially. In the order of magnitude we know that Space Adventures releases tickets with the ISS as a destination for a figure between 20 and 35 million dollars.

Also there NASA has a hefty list of $ 55 million for a seat aboard the Crew Dragon.

Mind-boggling figures, but we are only at the beginning and we expect them to drop at least a little.

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