Grandma’s tricks to make tomato sauce unforgettable by preventing it from turning sour

Grandma’s tricks to make tomato sauce unforgettable by preventing it from turning sour
Grandma’s tricks to make tomato sauce unforgettable by preventing it from turning sour

When you want to eat something genuine, one of the first thoughts is to prepare a plate of pasta with sauce. However, if you want to prepare everything in the most homely way possible, you need to arm yourself with patience and know the tricks of tradition. For this reason today we explain what grandma’s tricks are to make the tomato sauce unforgettable, avoiding it becoming sour. In fact, by following three simple rules we will be able to produce an unforgettable first course in the name of simplicity.

Grandma’s tricks to make tomato sauce unforgettable, avoiding it becoming sour

First you need to be careful in selecting the ingredients. If these are 0 km and come from your own garden we will certainly have a better result. However, if we do not have a green plot to exploit, we must resign ourselves to buying them. We therefore recommend shopping at some farmers or at the market.

Here we will have to choose the best examples of the triad of vegetables usually used to create a sauté: carrot, onion and celery. Then we will have to move on to the protagonist element of the sauce, the tomato. However, even in this case we recommend that you prefer certain varieties over others so as not to compromise the preparation. For example, hardly anyone buys it, but this is the recommended tomato for making puree.

Finally, let’s talk about the preparation itself

We then move on to the part of the stoves. Once we have properly chopped the vegetables we will have to put them to dry in a drizzle of oil, making sure to keep the flame sweet. Once everything has turned golden it is time to take care of the tomatoes. It must be taken into account that the freshly picked ones are sweeter and therefore there will be less chance of preparing a sour sauce. If, on the other hand, they are “older” there are some simple remedies to put in place to reduce their pungent taste.

First of all once it is necessary to taste only after having added salt and pepper in order to verify the actual acidity. Relying on chemistry it is better to insert elements that have a pH higher than 7, therefore basic. For example, you can pour a drop of milk. Alternatively, a teaspoon of sugar or even bicarbonate is also good. If we want to give a more greedy and creamy touch to our preparation at the end we recommend adding a pinch of butter.


Very few are aware of this grandma trick that makes any risotto creamy and flavorful without weighing it down

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Grandmas tricks tomato sauce unforgettable preventing turning sour

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