SSD with AIO liquid cooler, TeamGroup wants to amaze: here is the prototype

We have seen SSD M.2 with bulky passive heatsinks, closed liquid solutions and heatsinks to cool them in a custom loop, but the Taiwanese TeamGroup is working on a new family of proposals characterized by a all-in-one cooling system (AIO). From the new series T-Force Cardea Liquid II, currently in a prototype state, practically nothing is known even if the images are quite explicit.

The M.2 SSD is surmounted by a unit with the liquid circulation pump, enhanced by RGB lighting, all connected to a probably 120mm radiator, also equipped with an RGB fan. The SSD, probably with PCI Express 4.0 interface if it comes out soon or even 5.0 if it arrives in the more distant future, should guarantee with this cooling sustained high performance, an important aspect for those who work with long-lasting workloads.

The controller and NAND memory chips placed on the small PCB can perform under spec if a prolonged load warms them too much, inducing the so-called “throttling“which reduces operating frequencies. It is a problem mainly related to workstation loads rather than the use of a desktop for gaming and other light operations, where the SSDs work at” blazes “, pushing themselves to the top of the performances for a short period. aggravate the problem of throttling there is also the proximity of the M.2 slots with the PCI Express x16 dedicated to the video card.

Consequently, while a similar cooling system already appears niche to say the least, its installation on many PCs could be complicated in terms of space, because modern GPUs typically have quite massive heatsinks. In short, those who wish to install the T-Force Cardea Liquid II in their system will have to think carefully about the spaces and perhaps evaluate a custom loop for the video card.

Obviously we are in front of a prototype, it is possible that this solution will change in the near future as it cannot be excluded that, in the end, it will not see the light at all.

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