Android Auto is about to receive a lot of interesting news

Android Auto is about to receive a lot of interesting news
Android Auto is about to receive a lot of interesting news

Google in these hours has presented many new features coming within the autumn or in the coming months, focusing on new features for Android, Google TV and Android Auto. Specifically, for Android Auto many innovations were presented for both smartphones and cars, among which the partnership with Honda per Android Automotive.

The guide mode on Assistant receives a deep redesign, significantly improving the user experience

With the command “Hey Google, let’s drive” or by connecting via bluetooth to our car, Google Assistant will show a new dashboard complete with all the information that can be useful when driving. This allows you to stay more concentrated behind the wheel, given the reduced need to touch the smartphone to access the various contents. Essentially, panels will be shown that, if touched, will allow you to access: navigation, recent calls or messages and multimedia controls from the most disparate content playback apps.

Google has also added a very convenient function and for which it is not necessary to be distracted while driving, that is the possibility to ask Assistant to read new messages and subsequently to be able to reply automatically by voice. As already anticipated by the testing phase, the assistant’s guide mode will supplant Android Auto on smartphones, which in fact starts to be deprecated.

Android Auto continues to improve and embraces Honda as an Android Automotive partner

Since Big G introduced, in 2015, Android Auto has made it possible to connect the smartphone and the car’s infotainment system, thus giving the possibility to reproduce multimedia contents, take advantage of the navigation mode offered by Maps more effectively and be able to make calls without having to hold your smartphone to your ear. In recent years, the integration between smartphones and cars has improved a lot and Google is determined to take another step forward.

From now on it will be possible to view the Assistant’s suggestions regarding music, podcasts and news and to be able to launch an app of your choice every time Android Auto is activated. Thanks to the partnership with GameSnacks it will also be possible to have fun with some games, obviously only when the car is stationary. Another novelty allows users who use two SIMs to be able to choose which SIM to use in case they want to make a call.

Google has also thought about who it uses the car for commute to work, offering support to the “work” profile present in the Android settings, so you can view upcoming appointments and messages regarding the working sphere. For US users, the feature that allows you to ask Google Assistant for is also reserved pay for refueling based on the distributor identification number.

As part of the new partnership with Honda, Google announced that the major auto maker will begin assembling vehicles with Android Automotive built-in (the version of Android Auto that doesn’t need a smartphone to work) starting in 2022. Along with this, some small “goodies” will be reserved for owners of electric cars. The version of Google Maps reserved for Android Automotive will in fact be able to find charging stations compatible with the vehicle and to optimize the charging process by warning the user if the battery is too hot or too little, so as to be able to optimize times. In short, Google is really determined to make our life easier no matter what we drive.

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