Surface Go 3 official: equal on the outside, more powerful on the inside

Surface Go 2 is the key product for Microsoft’s “school” strategy. A true notebook, with a quality screen and a top-notch construction that is also child-proof. It has a pen, it has a keyboard, it can be used as a notebook or as a tablet.

Surface Go 2 now has a worthy heir, Surface Go 3. Aesthetically it follows precisely the previous model, same 10.5 inch 16:10 LCD panel, same battery and same shell, but inside Microsoft has made a small upgrade. Small because unfortunately this only and exclusively concerns the processor and does not touch that aspect that perhaps deserved a refresh, that is the storage. The basic model in fact still adopts eMMC memories and has 64 GB of memory, not too many: it is true that everyone now relies on the cloud, especially in the school environment, but 128 GB would have been handy.

To have 128 GB and a true SSD you have to choose the more expensive version. There are two processors: dual-core Pentium Gold 6500Y and 10th generation Core i3-10100Y, with the Pentium / eMMC version that will cost 449 euros and the one always with the Pentium but with 128 GB SSD for 619 euros. For the Core i3, on the other hand, 699 euros are needed, to which cover and pen must be added if necessary. Complete would be 899 euros, and perhaps for a notebook of this type, albeit of excellent quality, they are a bit ‘too much.


Surface official equal powerful

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