Alfa Romeo one step away from the “abyss”: here is the car that could save it

Alfa Romeo one step away from the “abyss”: here is the car that could save it
Alfa Romeo one step away from the “abyss”: here is the car that could save it

A balanced mix of style, aesthetics and everything a car enthusiast requires. Now it’s up to Alfa Romeo to strike a shot …

What will become of Alfa Romeo? It is a question that has been in the minds of all fans for weeks, months. In fact, there are many fans of the Arese car manufacturer. And such an uncertain future cannot fail to cause concern.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTS (yankodesign)

For this reason, every time there is some news about Alfa Romeo, it is always hoped that that could be the news or the new arrival of the rebirth. On the other hand, we are talking about one of the companies that made automotive history. Not just nationally. But also planetary.

Alfa Romeo is a car brand driven by the emotion of love. Car enthusiasts owned the Italian brand’s four-wheelers because they fell in love with them instantly, rather than out of the need to buy one.

All of this brings us to the jaw-dropping cars the brand has produced over the years, including Giulia Quadrifoglio Gta, Montreal, Disco Volante Spider or Tipo 33 Stradale. While all of these flashy cars set the stage for the brand’s greatness, the GT series of the 60s and 70s has in no way ever been overshadowed.

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Hope Alfa Romeo GTS

The last name of hope is Alfa Romeo GTS. The Alfa Romeo GTS coupe is a balanced mix of style, aesthetics and everything an automobile enthusiast requires from a modern compact four-wheeler.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTS (yankodesign)

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The sporty coupe is in step with the best Alfa Romeo models thanks to the much appreciated timeless design. While the brand is fighting for survival, a breath of fresh air is infused by an automotive designer. Which thus suggests an idea of ​​rebirth to resurrect lost glory. Guilherme Neves Araujo has signed the Alfa Romeo GTS which seems to follow the path of electric vehicles. The concept car has the charm of the GTA 2000 model with the infusion of a model element.

At the front, the vehicle appears to have stepped out of the design wing of the Alfa Romeo project. The overall dimensions are reminiscent of the Polestar 1, another telltale sign that the GTS is an electric vehicle in the making. The wide wheel arches hark back to the influence of the muscle car. But the proportions are still balanced.

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Who knows that this concept by Guilherme Neves Araujo cannot be appreciated by those who command in Alfa Romeo and lead the rebirth …

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