iOS 15, here are all the news not yet available

iOS 15, here are all the news not yet available
iOS 15, here are all the news not yet available

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 have introduced many new features on the iPhone and iPad, but there are some new features that have been presented by Apple but not yet launched. Here are which ones.

The features listed below will only arrive with the next iOS 15 updates, in any case by the end of the year as promised by Apple.


This feature was activated with the first beta of iOS 15.1, so it will be among the first to be available for all users, probably as early as mid-October with the final release of the update.

With SharePlay you can share watching Apple TV + content (and more) while in FaceTime with friends or family. You can then listen to songs from Apple Music together, watch a movie or episode of a series, and share your screen during the call. SharePlay is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac with shared playback controls, so anyone in the same session can start, pause or skip to the next content. SharePlay also works with Apple TV, so the user can watch a TV series or movie on their TV while participating in a FaceTime video call and SharePlay sharing.

Digital Legacy

Digital Legacy is a feature that allows a person’s friends or family to access their data in the event of death.

Users will be able to set up a legacy contact and that person will be able to access their Apple ID and personal information such as photos, even after death.

This feature was never activated in the beta and it is not yet clear when it will be launched.

Keys and digital documents in Wallet

the HomeKit-enabled locks they can be stored in the Wallet app, so you can unlock your front door without having to download the third-party app from the accessory manufacturer. HomeKit accessory manufacturers have to implement this feature, and Apple says it will only be activated on iOS 15 with a future update.

Likewise, too digital documents they can be stored in the Wallet app. The first states in the US to enable this feature will be Arizona, Georgia, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah.

At the moment we do not know when these two functions will be activated, but we remember that the addition of digital documents will not come close to our country.

App Privacy Report

The app privacy report, which Apple plans to roll out fully by the end of the year, will let you know which apps are using the privacy permissions they have been granted, such as camera, microphone, and location access.

The app privacy report is partially implemented on iOS 15 via the setting “Log app activity”Which can be activated in Settings> Privacy to record a 7-day summary of app activity, but full rollout will come soon.

AirPods e Find My

This function allows you to find lost AirPods through the Where is app, using the Find My network. The functionality built into iOS 15 will be launched by the end of autumn.

Universal Control

Universal Control is a feature of iPadOS 15‌ and macOS Monterey‌ that will allow you to use a single input device such as a mouse or keyboard to control multiple Macs or iPads at the same time.

Universal Control was never rolled out during beta testing and isn’t available with the launch of ‌iPadOS 15‌, but Apple says this feature will arrive later this fall. Since macOS Monterey‌ is not yet available in the final version, it is possible that the launch of this update will also lead to the activation of Universal Control.

Siri accessories

With iOS 15, Apple allows ‌HomeKit‌ accessory manufacturers to integrate Siri functionality in their devices‌, but it will take time for the first devices to be available.

The integration of ‌Siri‌ will allow any ‌HomeKit‌ compatible device to send messages, set reminders, contact family members, control devices and more.

Note that using ‌Siri‌ via a third party device will require a HomePod mini.


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