Ferrari Purosangue, the road tests of the SUV continue – Mondo Auto

Ferrari Purosangue, the road tests of the SUV continue – Mondo Auto
Ferrari Purosangue, the road tests of the SUV continue – Mondo Auto

Road tests for la Ferrari Thoroughbred, the first SUV of the Prancing Horse that could debut as early as the end of 2021 or at the latest in the first months of next year. The first model with high wheels of the Modenese car manufacturer was again intercepted, with photos and spy videos that appeared on the web portraying a prototype covered by the classic camouflage livery. It is difficult to identify new details that add further information to the few available, with the forklift sighted on the road that looks in all respects similar to the one on a Maserati Levante base sighted during the summer.

The video clip released by Varryx shows the Ferrari Purosangue prototype on the road, with a lower set-up than what normally characterizes a Maserati Levante, giving first indications on what the layout of the brand’s first SUV will be. At Maranello there is great reserve around this car but it is clear the goal will be to establish itself in a segment in which the main competitor is Lamborghini Urus: the step taken by the company from Sant’Agata Bolognese in 2017 was almost a leap into the void but it paid off the Toro brand with excellent results on the market. Ferrari will try to pursue the same goal, convincing customers accustomed to the more classic 2 + 2 that even a Cavallino SUV can represent a model in line with the history and evolution of the Maranello brand.

The design could re-propose some of the solutions seen on the Ferrari Roma, in particular the grille and headlights even if a distinctive and unique style cannot be excluded. With Roma, however, the Purosangue will certainly share the new platform, which will also allow the use of engines with a different split. At the moment it seems certain the use of the new 3.9-liter V8 engine, with or without hybridization. If the setting of the SF90 Stradale is chosen, it is easy to think that the powertrain will be reduced, remaining on the 620 HP to which the power boost of the electric unit would be added. The range is also expected to include the new hybrid V6, brought to its debut by the 296 GTB, with the latter representing the entry level in the Ferrari Purosangue offering. All-wheel drive it should be ensured on all versions, although a front-wheel drive variant cannot be ruled out. In some tests on the snows of Sweden, the roar of the engine, albeit far away, made us think of the use of the V12. If the twelve-cylinder were confirmed, the Ferrari Purosangue could be proposed with a power exceeding 800 hp, a choice also dictated by the desire to excel over the Lamborghini Urus.



Ferrari Purosangue road tests SUV continue Mondo Auto

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