firmware update 9.0 solved the CBOMB problem –

firmware update 9.0 solved the CBOMB problem –
firmware update 9.0 solved the CBOMB problem –

L’firmware update 9.0 from PS4 has solved one of the problems that plagued the console, that of the so-called CBOMB, ie the inability to start the games if the CMOS battery ran out. Tested by several users, now it seems that the console starts the games anyway, leaving blank the date of obtaining the trophies, which frankly is the least of the problems, since before you could practically no longer play.

CBOMB was born from the fusion of the words CMOS and bomb and has always been seen as a big risk for the preservation of PS4 games. Basically, the console is equipped with an internal clock that prevents players from obtaining trophies in a scam way, measuring the time even when the console is off. The clock is powered by a small CR2032 battery, called CMOS, which, once exhausted, locks the system and prevents the games from starting. That is, it did, because now it is no longer the case.

It should be noted that Sony has introduced this new feature in firmware 9.0 without advertising it, thus leaving the task of discovering it to the players. She was probably aware that only those who actually have a dead battery would notice.


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