the microtransactions of the multiplayer explained by 343 Industries –

the microtransactions of the multiplayer explained by 343 Industries –
the microtransactions of the multiplayer explained by 343 Industries –

Halo Infinite was revealed again in the new Inside Infinite appointment, or the series of developer diaries with which 343 Industries has highlighted various aspects of the game and development over the course of these months, and in the September episode the topic of microtransazioni In the multiplayer.

As we know, Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free, that is free-to-play, but consequently it will contain other monetization systems in the form of microtransactions, similar to what is done by most of the other competitive shooters on the market.

In addition to various details on the Big Team Battle, the new diary of 343 Industries has therefore also talked about these aspects, always rather delicate especially in a game that starts from afar like this.

Halo Infinite: Samurai armor is one of the most attention-grabbing rewards

The objects, in large part cosmetics and therefore without direct influences in the gameplay, they can be conquered in various ways in Halo Infinite, including the simple purchase with real money.

They are not there yet prices fixed for items or ranges of these, but the achievement of rewards can be done through purchase or through other systems while playing Halo Infinite, such as obtaining weekly rewards, progressing in the battle pass, taking part in special and seasonal events, reaching specific skill levels and achieve other milestones in the Halo Infinite Campaign as well.

In particular, in addition to cosmetic items, it will be possible to purchase the following items through microtransactions:

  • Challenge Swaps, or the possibility of exchanging one of the weekly challenges, which advances the level in the battle pass and which can still be obtained through the game or with other systems
  • XP Boosts, or the increases of experience points such as doubling XP for the weekly and daily challenges, able to last 30 minutes (but this aspect is still under study), also obtainable through other systems

343 Industries reiterated that they have studied the personalization system and battle pass keeping in mind above all the player and his style of play, both as regards the value of the prizes and the duration of the rewards, which we remember are not linked to specific periods in the case of the battle passes purchased.

Regarding cosmetic items, 343 Industries also summarized the ways these can be obtained in Halo Infinite multiplayer:

  • Weekly Ultimate Rewards
  • Season Battle Pass rewards (free or premium)
  • Fracture Events – Like the one about “Yoroi” and the samurai armor
  • Special or seasonal events
  • Partnerships and promotional items
  • Achieve certain Skill Ranks
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks
  • In-game purchases
  • Halo Infinite Campaign

For the rest, we remind you that two beta phases are coming in September for Halo Infinite, one on September 23rd focused on Arena Slayer and one for September 30th on Big Team Battle.


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