Age of Empires 4: try the game for FREE, here is the link!

We get closer and closer at the release of Age of Empires 4. The new chapter of the strategy saga of the Redmond house will in fact debut on October 28, 2021, thus filling a rather important absence, considering that the last sighting of the franchise dates back to 2005, if we obviously stop to count only the main chapters. However, if you are looking forward to trying the new game, you can do it already starting tonight, at no cost.

Quite surprisingly, in fact, Microsoft has decided to launch a sort of demo that will be used to verify the performance of the game. The Age of Empires 4 stress test it is in fact already available in these hours and will last until 20 September 2021, when the curtain will fall on this short demo at 19:00. To participate, a simple action is required, that is to make the request via Steam or the Xbox Insider Hub app. The definitive game will not be limited to Xbox Game Pass, but will also debut on the Valve client (but not on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X).

The gift is certainly appreciated by all fans but it is also useful for developers. As already seen in the past, with other technical tests (such as that of Halo Infinite) this kind of tests is not only useful for testing the game servers, but also for receiving feedback on the current work from the developers and perhaps providing to change something during the race on the basis of the reports collected. Also considering that Age of Empires 4 is one of the most anticipated games from the PC community is therefore natural to see such a test unfold just over a month after launch.

Age of Empires 4

If you are interested in trying Age of Empires 4 and taking part in this global test, you can request access. Provided, of course, that the requirements of the title are fully satisfied by your PC. If you don’t know them yet, you can check them out at this address.

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Age Empires game FREE link

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