Beware of the new phishing attempt on a fake DHL site

Beware of the new phishing attempt on a fake DHL site
Beware of the new phishing attempt on a fake DHL site

We have just received a report regarding what appears to all intents and purposes as an attempt to phishing by SMS.

Beware of fake DHL SMS

In this case the user is encouraged to click on the link in the text message that leads to a website that pretends to be that of DHL, in which you are asked to enter personal data as an elusive package would have been held in one of their shipping centers.

It is almost useless to point out that this is the classic phishing attempt which, fortunately, did not deceive our reader but which nevertheless alarmed him.

Some practical tips

Google Messages it can automatically recognize malicious and / or spam SMS and insert them in the “Blocked conversations and spam” section of the app. In cases where you receive a dubious SMS, which does not inspire confidence, perhaps containing a link whose destination you cannot recognize, it is good not to click it for any reason. Banking institutions, often at the center of phishing campaigns, do not communicate in this way with their customers and never require you to click strange links in SMS.

For users who love nerd We recommend that you bookmark two websites that are ideal for finding out which site a suspicious link points to:

  • URL Redirect Checker – is a website that shows you the destination address of a URL address. To use it just copy the suspicious link, insert it in the search bar and click on “Trace URL”;
  • Browserling – is a site that allows you to use a real virtual machine for free for a few minutes. You can choose between various versions of Android and Windows and the most important web browsers in the industry such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. In this case, to find out the destination of the link, just select the operating system, the web browser, enter the link in the appropriate field and click on “Test now!”


Beware phishing attempt fake DHL site

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