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Jean-Philippe Learned he faces the difficult challenge of launching the Alfa Romeo brand in a future that will have little to do with the tradition of the Biscione. Electric from 2027, with several SUVs on the list and increasingly premium, the Alfa Romeo of the future will be completely different from that of a few years ago, the one with MiTo and Giulietta to be clear, and radically opposite to the true Alfa of the more remote past.

The CEO of the Italian brand, however, reiterated to the French of BFM Business that Alfa Romeo it will not sell off its emotional image, made of cars that (on paper) should be based on the heart and not on reason. “Our brand has a very particular positioning. There is the driver in the center, and the latter must feel the driving sensations. With the electric we will no longer have the noise, but whoever drives will have to ‘perceive’ the car. What we are reinventing is not a fake sound, nor is it the noise of the V8: however we are shaping a driving experience that will recall the emotions of the Giulietta or GTV era. We will have as few screens in the cockpit as possible, because I don’t sell iPads with a car around“Learned said.

In short, the driver will remain at the center of Alfa Romeo’s attention. It would be easier to relaunch with some models based on a combustion engine, perhaps with a compact design capable of offering ‘volumes’ of sales. But it will not go like this, and after all the Stellantis group, which controls Alfa Romeo, is on the same wave line as Imparato. “In the plan of the future we first ensured the profitability of the brand, as it is the only way to finance the product of the future. By doing so, in the next few years, we will have one launch per year, and it will be a real revolution for the brand. We are starting to electrify our offer with the launch of the Alfa Romeo Tonale hybrid SUV in 2022. From 2024, an all-electric offer will also arrive.“, The French CEO reiterated.

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Learned Alfa Romeo sell iPad car Auto World

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