Here’s how florists make beautiful dahlias in pots last longer

Here’s how florists make beautiful dahlias in pots last longer
Here’s how florists make beautiful dahlias in pots last longer

One of the most colorful and fascinating flowers there is certainly the dahlia. This plant native to Mexico is well known for its very particular flowers. Rounded in shape and with a multitude of small leaves that almost resemble a pompom. There are many varieties found in nature and all extremely beautiful to keep at home. A vase bursting with color and vibrancy gives a completely different look to any home.

Here’s how florists make beautiful dahlias in pots last longer

We can grow it indoors just like a normal plant. But pay attention to the climate of the area we live in, this plant needs mild temperatures. It loves sun exposure very much and is usually planted in spring to blossom during this period.

Or we can make a beautiful bouquet

Buying it already cut to put it in a vase is certainly a more than valid option. In fact, not everyone has the necessary space to grow it in pots. Then we can buy it from the florist and compose our beautiful colorful bouquet. However, the problem is always the same with all cut flowers. It is not easy to make them last in their splendor for a long time. So here are some tricks to always have bright and lush dahlias for many days.

First of all cleaning

Excess plant material must be eliminated, this means getting rid of the leaves along the stem. Cleaning is essential to prevent them from rotting quickly. Let’s buy them in the morning and immediately proceed to clean them. Then with garden shears we cut the stem above the knot. It will be easy to recognize it, it is the point where the last buds not yet hatched appear.

The type of cut is also essential to make them last longer. The stem or stem of the dahlia is of the hollow type, so it will be cut obliquely. And with a cut as clean as possible, trying not to damage the stem.

Now we can put the dahlias in our vase

Better to choose one with a silver bottom because it keeps away the bacteria that can immediately ruin the flower. We don’t stack too many dahlias in the same pot because they need space and the right amount of water. For the first transfer we use slightly warm water, it will help them to reinvigorate and get used to the new environment.

And here’s how florists make beautiful dahlias in pots last longer. We can now enjoy our gorgeous dahlia bouquet for much longer. We change the water often, about every 3 days and check that slime is not forming. In that case we clean the vase well with a disinfectant detergent before putting the flowers back into it.


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Heres florists beautiful dahlias pots longer

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