who is the manager with the most satisfied customers?

Knowing who is the telephone operator with the most satisfied customers is important when you decide to change company. Vodafone, Iliad, Very Mobile, Tim, Wind Tre, who owns the crown?

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The choice of telephone operator it is linked to the specific needs of each person. Some users need unlimited calls, others focus on Giga available, still others on the speed of the connection. Whatever the drive for change, before taking the big step it is important to know the opinions of people who rely on a specific operator. Hence the Ipsos decision to start a survey in search of the most satisfied customers in the mobile phone market.

Which manager has the most satisfied customers

The investigation by Ipsos, a multinational market research company, led to an almost unanimous result. The operator with the most satisfied customers is Iliad with a result of 96% which displaces direct competitors Tim, Vodafone and WindTre by several points. The people interviewed were approx three thousand and the search took place in August.

The sample gathered many users from different companies divided equally into 750 customers per operator. The main question was “how satisfied he is overall with his mobile phone provider“. Customers could respond with a rating between 1 and ten. Iliad has achieved an average dell’8,62 while Tim stopped at 7.79, Vodafone at 7.69 and WindTre at 7.67.

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Overall satisfaction rate: the crown goes to Iliad

The overall satisfaction level attributes the victor’s crown in Iliad with a percentage of 96.2% of the manager’s satisfied customers. Specifically, 50.5% resulted very satisfied while 45.7% satisfied. The percentage points exceed Tim, stable at 90%, followed by WindTre with 88.2% and Vodafone with 86.9%.

The satisfaction expressed in answering the main question is reflected in the responses related to another question.How likely would you be to recommend it as a mobile phone provider to a friend or acquaintance?”The highest score of this recommendation rate was achieved by Iliad with 60.3% of customers who responded with a score between 9 and 10. Significantly lower percentages, on the other hand, for Tim (35.5%), Vodafone (34.6%) and WindTre (29.9%).


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